About Us



To support people to become aware of the inter-connectedness of all life and work together in creating a more sustainable and resilient society.

To cultivate a community of cross-pollinators who serve to connect people and community with a shared vision yet with diverse backgrounds and culture across Japan and U.S to promote collaboration and exchanges.



To help the world new trinity of “soil, soul, and society,” which Satish Kumar has coined, become the core pillars of the future

To spread models and ideas for a sustainable society across Japan and California and promote trans-pacific collaborations between citizen groups.

To cultivate relationships of change-makers through study tours, pilgrimages and workshops.

To create a shared vision between Japan and the world by translating food, agriculture, education, and spirituality related documentary films to/from Japanese to English.


Project partners:

  1. Tokyo Urban Permaculture


  • Tokyo based organization that focuses on the education and promotion of permaculture principles applied in both urban and rural agriculture and community organization, empathy communication (nonviolent communication), mindfulness, and activism.


  1. Edible Media


  • Japan based educational organization that translate and distribute food, agriculture, and environment focused films/videos in both English and Japanese.


  1. Edible Schoolyard Japan


  • Japan based educational organization that aims to spread a garden/kitchen education modeled after Edible Schoolyard (Berkeley, CA) in order to incorporate experiential learning of the cycle of life within the school curriculum.